Perhaps It's You

An Unofficial Unsolved Mysteries Podcast


Here’s where you can find more info on the awesome guests we’ve had on the show!

Mike & Josh

Mike and Josh have supported us from the very first moment we posted our first episode. Unsolved Mysteries super fans, they are also hosts of a Unsolved Mysteries podcast – Uncovering Unexplained Mysteries.

Mike can also be found on Twitter as @OPC00Josh makes music and videos as Dancing With Ghosts.


Kara was our delightful guest with a paranormal childhood who joined us for our Season One Finale of listener stories. You can learn more about her at her website.


Rochelle was the unique distinction of being our “Resident History Nerd.” We bring her in when we need facts! So far she’s come on the program to discuss Alcatraz and Nazi Rudolph Hess. Her Instagram can be found here.


Friend of the pod Arden came on the show to discuss a past life mystery and her family’s fortune telling traditions. You should follow her on Instagram.

Robbie Stackie

Is an inflatable alien, purchased off Ebay. He is not real.


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